Hi Everyone!

Welcome to my website!

Not exactly sure what will become of this page but for now it is a way for me to do various things and have them all in one spot.  I enjoy a little bit of everything such as making krafts, trying new recipes, eating healthy, photography, etc.  I also have been very passionate about trying to find the beauty in everything, in everyday and in everyone.  This world we are living in is a little scary and I think we forget to find the beauty in simplicity and nature.  I am hoping to share many things on here and maybe help someone out along the way.  Mostly this will be a safe space to share all my thoughts and ideas I have along with having links to some pages where I am selling some things.

Some things that are currently in my links are:

  • findingbeautyeveryday instagram page where I share pictures as reminders of the beauty in this world
  • shebekrafty Etsy page and facebook page where I am selling handmade krafts
  • shebekrafty email link which is my business email account
  • and soon to be a link for my upcoming eBook series!

So welcome to my page and I hope you enjoy!

More to come soon!


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