So I have a paid day off today.  Long story short, I was sick last week and was supposed to take a birthday trip so have two planned paid days off but we cancelled since I was still under the weather over the weekend.

I thought maybe I would work on some ETSY stuff, which I still might.  But the inspiration to write came.  I wrote one Ebook so far (unpublished still) and wanted to start a series.  Well as of today I have started around 7 Ebooks!

It’s almost evolving into one big book maybe, I don’t know.  I just want to help people and I like to be creative.  Its overwhelming sometimes because I enjoy so many things.  I like writing my thoughts, I like making crafts, I like sharing information on how to live a “cleaner” life, I like organizing things.  The list is endless.  Its hard to narrow it down to one thing.  I just let the creative juices flow where they want to.  But that is why I created this website {rather my husband made this website for me  😉 }.  Its a place where I can have all of my ideas in one spot if I want and I can then share them with people.  So like I mentioned…once the Ebook exists there will be a link here, along with my ETSY page and everything else!

Anyways just wanted to make my first official post.

Have a great day.

Find the beauty in today.

Be kind.




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