Just feeling grateful today. My nephew comes over most saturdays. I love seeing my husband play with him and teach him things, he will be a good dad someday. Always trying to remember what is most important…family and friends and time spent with them is at the top for sure.

The world we live in lately isn’t the happiest. Even though I am using this website to post things, I have removed social media apps off my phone and rarely get on it through my computer so this might be a little contradictory. Also I don’t even think anyone’s reads this since I don’t share it on social media, but oh well still nice to get thoughts out there. I guess I want a place to share positive things and maybe help somebody in some way someday. I’m just rambling again, guess I’m just trying to find where this blog is going to go and trying to remember to post once a week if I can.

Find the beauty in today.

Be kind.




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