Just thought it was time for another post.  Trying to make this a regular thing, you would think with the convenience of having an app on my phone that I could do it pretty easily but I just forget.  And sometimes I just don’t feel like being on my phone so much you know?  So here I am at an actual computer typing away.

That’s the problem I struggle with these days.  We live in a world of instant-ness if you will.  It didn’t happen if you didn’t post it to social media right?  For the last year or two I’d say I have actively gone against what most “millenials” do these days…every time a major thing happened I would take a pic on my camera, consider posting it to social media and then choose not to.  It became habit eventually.  I went from feeling like I had to post every single thing to not wanting to post anything at all.  Eventually I deleted facebook and instagram from my phone, I didn’t delete the accounts completely, I just have to actually sign in on the website from my computer (I have yet to try to sign in on the website from my phone).   I did this a few months ago and it was the best decision I’ve made in awhile.  I just got fed up with all of the political posts, or the posts that felt like people were bragging.  Things aren’t always what they seem online and I felt like I was constantly comparing myself to everyone and feeling like my life just wasn’t as good as everyone else’s.  It made me sad sometimes and I felt like I wasted so much time online/on my phone.  It really has made me appreciate being present and in the moment.  I can enjoy time with friends and family and really be a part of things.  Don’t get me wrong, I still take an insane amount of pictures.  I have tens of thousands of pictures currently on my phone as we speak, but that last time I shared one?  No idea.  I do partake in snapchat on occasion but mostly look at other peoples posts instead of making my own.  I do feel like I might need to delete that as well and I would have if it weren’t for the thread/group chat with my co-workers which is super entertaining.

Anyways here I go rambling again, I swear I start out with a point to my posts and I feel like I end up just rambling away.  I guess I am sort of contradicting myself as we speak since I am posting this online.  But the way I see it is, social media i.e. facebook, instagram, snapchat…you are using some type of filter or deciding what a post should look like, agonizing over if its right.  Where as here I am typing all my thoughts, not caring what anyone thinks or if anyone is reading it (which they probably aren’t since I have shared this website with many people yet haha).  This is real, this is me.  I am who I am, not who I think you should see or you think you should see.  This is just what I think, what I want to share in the moment.

As I have said in previous posts…this website doesn’t have an exact direction yet.  But maybe it’ll serve as a space where people can be real and honest online.  Let’s face it…social media isn’t going anywhere, ever.  But maybe how we use it can change for the good.  Maybe we can make more places where people spread positivity and kindness instead of hiding behind screens and being cruel.

I grew up when social media was just beginning.  This will make me sound old but when I was in 7th and 8th grade we had dial up internet.  I had to wait until it was ok to use the phone line, then I had to wait for it to dial up.  I only could get on a limited time.  When I was online I really just used instant messengers like MSN messenger and AIM (neither exist anymore) or downloaded music (legal at the time).  I can remember what being on those messengers did to me, you would sit there waiting for a boy to answer or you would be fighting with a friend.  It wasn’t fun. Then fast forward to when I was about to go off to college and I hear about this thing called Facebook, you could only join if you had an .edu email from a college.  It was limited in the beginning and you really didn’t do much on there.  I remember freshman year of college before I had a smartphone or even a digital camera…I would take pictures on disposable cameras, get them printed off and then have to scan each picture in to my computer.  THEN if I really felt so inclined I could upload it to facebook after facebook allowed you to have albums of photos (used to only jut be your profile pic).

Now we just have our smartphones and have access 24/7.  Now we have imessage and unlimited texting, snapchat, twitter, facebook and instagram.  Everything is non-stop, always documenting every moment of your life that we are missing what’s right in front of us.  The beautiful bird that flew by the window, the smirk from your nephew as he learns something new, the happy glance from your cat, the smile from the stranger you held a door for.  We are missing it all because we think we need to be documenting something else, or sharing something else, or see what everyone else is doing RIGHT NOW instead of being IN THE NOW.

Like I said, none of social media is going anywhere.  But I think we can be present in the now, we can be aware of what it does to us and we can try to change what we contribute to it all.  We can also just try to make someone’s day or make someone smile.  Make real human connections on a daily basis so that we aren’t just best friends with a screen.

Just my two cents on technology and social media.  It’s a double edged sword.  Let’s make the best of it.  Find the beauty in every day.  Find the beauty in everything.  Spread Kindness.  Share love.

I wish you well if you are reading this.

Be kind.




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