I have thought this in the past, but I really hope it sticks this time.  I’d like to do a blog post a week at least but every time I write a blog then its months before I get into it again.  I have been in the process of revamping my website/social media presence, its not done but a work in progress.  That was one thing that bothered me was that I just didn’t like my website so it would frustrate me every time I logged on.  So hopefully that helps my motivation.

My blogs will align with what my new instagram/social media focus has been which is a lot less personal and more just helpful tips, things I’ve learned and things I will be trying out.  I live a very strange sort of life, call me crunchy if you want, that’s what some would say.  But I don’t mind.  I know that the food and lifestyle choices I make each day help me feel better physically and mentally and that is why I continue to live that way.  It’s also why I am always looking for ways to improve and willing to try new things if they will benefit my health (or my families health).

My blog posts as I said will focus on KLEAN eating, KLEAN beauty, and KLEAN lifestyle choices.  I also really love nature and it’s healing powers so sometimes I might just simply share a beautiful picture.  I want to spread knowledge about health and I want to encourage people to find the beauty in everyday/everything.

I think we need to spread love and positivity more than ever right now.  Something I always try to consider is that you never know what battle a stranger is going through.  So hold the door open for someone, smile at a stranger or homeless person, ask someone how their day is going.  It’s the little things that can truly make a difference.

Be kind.

Share a smile.

Find the beauty.




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