No seriously, just try it.

I do this all day long, especially during the work day.

Really, 3 deep belly breaths in a row can really be powerful.  Just focus on breathing and nothing else.  Also try to be with nature every single day, especially those stressful days.  Just go outside and be present in a park or your back yard.  Wherever.  It can really put things in to perspective and you’ll be surprised at what you notice.

I am lucky enough to have a nice backyard of woods to look at.  So I like to go out to my deck, sit on my lounger and just breath (without my phone, ipad, or computer).  I see some pretty cool things in my backyard.  I guess nature isn’t for everyone but I think it can really be grounding.

Don’t knock it til you try it.

I think we all just need to slow down, and be present.  You will notice so many things if you do this.

Just my little tidbit for the day 🙂

be kind.

find the beauty.




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