As always I plan to get on here regularly and do a few posts and then get busy and stop for a really long time (like it’s been almost a year this time) haha. BUT I have a really good excuse this time, I had my first baby in December!

SO, I’ve been a little busy. She is now almost 7 months and I finally feel like I’ve gotten into a groove. Although the biggest adjustment and thing I’ve learned with having a child is right when you get into a groove something changes like your baby can sit up, or is teething or is rolling.

But we just take each new milestone and change for what it is and adjust home life accordingly.

I’m not going to make any promises about posting regularly this time but as always I would love to be more active on here.

I have a list of potential blog ideas I’d like to share so maybe, just maybe this time I’ll keep it up.

We shall see.

Thats all for now.


be kind




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