As always I plan to get on here regularly and do a few posts and then get busy […]
No seriously, just try it. I do this all day long, especially during the work day. Really, 3 […]
I decided to do a little experimenting this morning.  We just got back from a little babymoon vacay.  […]
Ran out of prepped food Saturday night.  Luckily I had a Legit sandwich bread mix and some bacon.  […]
These are my new obsession! I have been craving chocolate & peanut butter the last few weeks and […]
I have thought this in the past, but I really hope it sticks this time.  I’d like to […]
Feeling so grateful the past week. I’ve been able to spend a lot of time with my two […]
Just thought it was time for another post.  Trying to make this a regular thing, you would think […]
Just feeling grateful today. My nephew comes over most saturdays. I love seeing my husband play with him […]
Have you heard of an Instant Pot?! (not a sponsored post) I might be a little late to […]